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Can a server help me?

Absolutely! Even a two person office can benefit. Say you are trying to run a growing business, but find it challenging to quickly access the right information. It may be stored on various computers in your office, and those computers are not linked in any way.

Perhaps there are times when you are away from your office, but need an important file you forgot. Or bad weather makes it inconvenient, or even dangerous, to travel to your office. Servers can help organize your data in one easily accessible spot; and also allow remote access to that information. You can then be as mobile as you like, and even work from another location if need be.

If you want to explore how Windows Server Essentials can help in your environment, or you need help with your existing network, click the button below:

Exclaimer Signature Manager

Award winning signature software solution that will automatically add a consistent look to all your company email. You can include company logos, legal disclaimers, marketing banners, social media links, etc. See the video on the product page for more details.


If you want to get more control over your company brand in email communications, including marketing, legal and social media links, click the button below:

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