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Your domain name is your internet brand, and how the world finds you on the internet (e.g. Most importantly, that name gives you:

  1. Credibility: It lets everyone know you are serious about being in, and staying in business.
  2. Flexibility: You can host your email, blog, or website wherever you want.
  3. Control: You decide how to use your internet identity, and what services are associated with it

Should you not already have a domain name, your first step is to register the one you want. I can help.

(A renewal – from 1 to 10 years – is required to maintain your ownership of the domain name.)

Mobile Domains

$45.00 / Year*
For web sites aimed at mobile devices


Common Domains

$19.95 / Year*
For personal & general purpose business websites


Video Domains

$35.00 / Year*
For television or video related websites


* $CAD, paid yearly

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