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Confused about your technology choices?

There is a vast array of technology available to provide a solution to your business and personal tasks. A great many of those products and services appeared just this century. Furthermore, the pace of advancements in this field continues to accelerate.

Progress is great. But so many changes can be overwhelming. Firstly, how can you possibly choose the right product for your specific purposes? Furthermore, will you lose any of your existing data in an upgrade process? And finally, what will all this cost?

Your Solution:

Contact me to help you.

Yes, you can do it yourself. Invest tons of time becoming educated on the various systems and specifications. Put together comparison charts. Verify features meeting your needs. Check for sales, etc. (This is, of course, in addition to running your small business, or having a personal life.)

Or, in conclusion, just partner with me. I’ve been helping consumers and small businesses optimize their technology investments for over 30 years. I invest my time and resources keeping current with small business, and consumer computer technologies. Let me know what it is you want to accomplish. I will work with you to develop a solution fitting your needs and support you going forward.

A big thank you to all my clients for their continuing support!

Your Trusted IT Partner for:

Richard Ridings, Ridings Administrative Services Inc.

“Mike and I have worked together with mutual clients for almost 20 years. He is very easy to understand and work with. I have referred him to some of my clients when his knowledge was required and will do so again. When I needed support to purchase and set up a new server for my own office, I called Mike, told him what I wanted. He told me what I needed to do and he took care of the rest. It made my work easier.”

Ridings Administrative Services logo

Beth Redfearn, Redfearn Zizek & Assoc. Inc.

“I have known and counted on Mike for all my computer needs since 2002. He has helped me through every problem I have encountered in the technical world. (And there have been many!) He is my “go to guy” for all my computer issues. When the time came to purchase a new desktop, and just recently, a new laptop I turned to Mike for his advice. He took the time to listen to what I needed, made some suggestions for things I had not thought of, then he researched the product for me. With so much out there to choose from, I would have been lost without him. I purchased what Mike suggested and I am very happy with both. Mike is always just a phone call away! And I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

Mark Marmer, Signature Electric

“Mike is a real professional, always ready to help out in a jam up or just to consult for a new purchase or software change. Keep up the good work.”

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Ruth MacLean

“I have worked with Mike Suthern for about 8 years. He is always extremely quick in responding to my enquiries and has always been able to quickly solve any of my computer glitches. He also accompanied me to purchase a new computer and software and then installed it, all to my total satisfaction. He never rushes in and rushes out and always has great patience in answering some of my pretty dumb computer questions. Mike is a man of great honesty, fairness and integrity – qualities a senior, or anyone, stumbling with technology really needs.”

Douglas Allen

“The first experience that I had with Michael Suthern was probably at least twenty years ago when he served as our technologist at my architectural practice, Allen & Sherriff, Architects. All of our equipment was well served by Michael. When I retired in 2005, I asked Michael to help me with my computer at home. He has done an excellent job over the years. In fact, on occasion when I would ask for help from Rogers, I would be on the phone with their technicians for hours and sometimes they would give up saying, for instance, it is Outlooks problem. I would turn it over to Michael and it would be fixed in very little time. I recommend Mr. Suthern very highly.”

Michael Suthern Computer Services is a Microsoft Partner, and also partners with other industry leading vendors to provide quality products and services you deserve. These companies are leaders in their fields, and I am happy to offer their products as a potential part of your technology solution:

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